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Gatit Series

Gatit fertigation fertilizers are solid, fully water-soluble NPK fertilizers ready to be Injected into the irrigation system directly to the active roots zone. Gatit fertilizer allows rapid preparation of fertilizer solution with an accurate ratio of nutrient elements as required.

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Fertilization Recommendations

Gatit Solid Soluble fertigation Fertilizers: Greenhouse Tomato | Greenhouse Cucumber | Greenhouse Eggplant | Greenhouse Pepper | Melon | Watermelon | Table Grapes | Wine Grapes | Apples | Stone Fruit | Citrus

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Fertilizer Properties

Each fertigation fertilizer has characteristic properties that make it different from all others.
Fertilizers are classified into two main groups: Solid fertilizers and liquid fertilizers.
In this section you will find the characteristics of each group.

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Latest News

Only a few years back the grower had to apply each nutrient separately. With the development of irrigation and fertilization technology, fertigation, farmers started to apply balanced multi-nutrient fertilizer solutions to their crops: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium as well as secondary and micro- nutrients when required.

Gat fertilizers Ltd. offers the farmer a full range of solid water soluble and liquid fertilizers both as pertains to source materials and to composition, so that he can apply them with the most modern technology on demand.

Discover the NPK Potential

Among other products, Gat fertilizer’s R&D department has developed a high technology production line of suspension fertilizers available to customers both in Israel and Spain.
In the year 2003 Gat Fertilizers Ltd. started to export its products to countries beyond Israel and Spain. Today Gat Fertilizers Ltd is marketing its products in some 10 different countries in the Mediterranean, Europe, Africa and the Far East.

Since its establishment, Gat fertilizers’s strategy has been TO OFFER TAILOR-MADE SOLUTIONS to its clients .